Is Oracle BI not supporting MS-Windows???

When trying to install Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition, v. for Microsoft Windows in Windows XP and getting the following error message.

“Oracle Business Intelligence is not supported on this Windows version. Oracle Business Intelligence is only supported on Windows XP x86, Windows 2003 x86, Windows 2003 AMD64, Windows 2003 EM64T, Windows Vista x86, Windows Vista AMD64, Windows Vista EM64T, and Windows 2000 x86.”

Installer uses systeminfo.exe command to get information on the architecture of the machine. If this command will cause any error, then there is a need to check and fix that error first.

Run the following command and see if any errors. In our case we had the following error.

The command systeminfo.exe is run from command line.



Back with error for Network Card
Information???????..Error:Provider Load failures.


Since installer use the same command to get information on the architecture of the machine. In this case because of the above error installer was not able to drive the machine detail and as a result installation failed.

The errors from the above command systeminfo.exe (if any) needs to be fixed first.  In our case after we fixed the Network Card issue, installation went fine.

General OBIEE Winter Blues dedication

Not very OBIEE related. To folks on googlewave, I’ll be back very soon – just haven’t been able to look at it (just another validation that 1-person forum is a very difficult thing to do).

Too much work, not enough rest. Rushing to complete a project.  Stress is affecting everyone. I think, however, that if you can’t win over stress, then it will win over you. Trying to eat well and healthy and get sufficient exercise.


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