Why people quit IT industry?

With the end of the economic downturn and signs of positive demand for outsourcing and offshoring from the U.S. and European markets, which account for about 80% of Indian software exports, the IT industry is gearing up for a gradual recovery in the new year. But Indian IT industry still continues to face the problem of attrition, especially when companies are now offering strong pay packages to make up for the lost ground. Employees are jumping jobs.

While most people including the managers are of the opinion that majority of people leave because they are unhappy with their compensation, there has been enough research done globally and across industry segments to prove that unhappiness with compensation is only one of the many reasons that people think about quitting.

Yes.  Stupidity is “Doing the same thing again, again without adding value”, while many can say that also make the doer as “master” in the art, which I politely disagree.

Forget fun, the individual should be satisfied or happy with the job – I doubt after the recission, but for the people for whom IT is ‘Passion”, the rest of the group would have made up their mind that jobs with “Permanant” nature will be more comfortable /suit them even at a much lesser pay.

I also tend to believe that a carrer in “reduced risk” industry than in a IT industry.

Challenges can be manifold – within the organisation – with juniors for getting the task done – with peers to coordinate projects and with seniors and top managers to be in their “good books” and I doubt whether there will be dreath for this in their job now.  But challenge to cope up the rise and falls in the industry as a whole, where the individuals skill set do not have a big say, then this challenges would be preferred to be avoided by an individual.


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